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Anna Tapia is our Chef and the hard working heart of the Kindess operation. Anna’s been cooking and catering for Boiseans for 15 years, and views the kitchen as her way of showin’ the love (no knife throwing from this chef). Daring simplicity marked by always-surprising flavor, her culinary style has been described as New American with old soul.

Michael Tapia alternately answers to King Kindness or Tapia in Chief (depending on his mood). He’s been selling one thing or another basically his entire life which is why he got his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. His favorite food is pizza (and he makes a SUPERIOR pizza dough), but since “going Paleo” bacon is his new best friend.

Ryan Roehr has worked with Michael and Anna for the past three years helping out however he can. He affectionately refers to Chef Anna’s kitchen as “the happiest place on Earth.” Ryan has been working in the Boise service industry for 15 years, and has been a server and bartender at some of Boise’s best and most beloved restaurants. Ryan is the Front of House Manager at Kindness and is a business student at CWI.

Claudine Whitfield has worked as Jane of all Tasks with Michael and Anna for 5 fulfilling and stress-free years. Claudine is now on the Banquet sales team because people love her and she’s an absolute savant when it comes to remembering names. She likes a good rare steak with a big baked Idaho potato, and is also the reason that Michael has to continue making the pizza dough.


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Food notes: Kindness is coming to The OwyheeMay 30, 2014

Caterers Michael and Anna Tapia will open a new restaurant, Kindness, in the former Plaza Grill space inside The Owyhee, the new incarnation of the former Owyhee Plaza Hotel.

The Tapias own Tapia Family Catering and are heading up catering and banquet services for the historic building, which is being renovated into a mix of rental apartments and retail spaces.

Kindness, Juniper Slated to Open This SummerMay 21, 2014

Anna, the restaurant’s chef, will craft “kicked up” yet accessible classics for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Think muffuletta sandwiches, elk medallions, fresh-made pastas and the Southern staple: meat and two, where you select a protein and two sides…

The iconic Owyhee and Kindness: a sneak peekJuly 8, 2014

I walked into the Owyhee yesterday at 4 p.m. It’s a place most of us haven’t set foot in for about a year – owner Clay Carley has been busy with an intense restoration/remodel, working with the Idaho State Historical Society to get it right.
The word that came to mind as I walked into the transformed space: surreal.

The Owyhee: Grand Opening of New Restaurant KindnessJuly 10, 2014

Tapia Family Catering is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of Kindness, a New American restaurant with Mediterranean and Italian influences. You are invited to attend a Press Tour at 4 p.m. on July 7, 2014. Located in the newly renovated Owyhee downtown, Kindness…

Vine Wine Shop and Noodle Korea Open Plus Kindness preps for Owyhee Plaza grand openingJuly 9, 2014

The high-ceilinged space that houses Kindness–a new American concept with Mediterranean and Italian influences run by Chef Anna Tapia–features stately columns and impressive crown molding lacquered with a pearlized paint that Michael compared to a “wedding cake.” The walls have a similar shimmery look…

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